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Reyes Muertos Klothing LLC

Amozonite Eagle Necklace

Amozonite Eagle Necklace

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Comes in a customized cigar box. Only one available. Cross posted.

Below are the known qualities of the stones. Carlos loves nature and the different feelings he gets from touching every stone and to connect with them in that way.

Amozonite has been admired by Ancient civilizations and today is known as the stone of "courage and truth". Is a bridge between the heart and spoken word. And encourages authentic self expression and personal growth.

Copper is the conductor of energy and clears out negativity. It is also said to harmonize the body. 

Nephrite Jade represents the heart, as well as life and death. Many cultures around the world revered it, as it's a powerful stone. It was also used in many rituals involving both water and the underworld. 

For thousands of years Amber has been appreciated by many cultures around the world. Ancient Man thought it to be tears of the sun. Now it's known for it's protective and healing properties.  Pieces acquired during one of Carlos' pilgrimages to Mexico, seeking Culture through the museums and the ancestors land.

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